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Prishtina Street Style is a website representing their style with gusto seen randomly in the streets of Prishtina City. This Web started in June of 2011. It only started with randomly photos of citizen of Prishtina, with the attention of widening in different areas like Blogging (we represent the news on what’s happening in the fashion world), One day in (we took a pictures in other cities of Kosova to show that stylish people aren’t just in Prishtina but in whole Country).

From the beginning Prishtina Street Style Website was successful because of people encouraging us to do much more, to make some changes, to do it BIG. Because of their trust to be thankful of them we celebrated our first anniversary with plenty surprises and presents from Famous Kosovan Fashion Designers, Make up Artists, Hair Stylists, Accessories Designers and a special Dinner at the richest hotel in Prishtina for 6 people.

When we talked about doing it BIG we  thought redesigning the Website and adding a lot of categories that they weren’t before.

PSS is now in cooperation with famous Kosovan Artists: Fashion Designers, M.U.A, Hair Stylists, Accessories Designers, Fashion Photographers to build up first Fashion Kosovan Website.

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