Fashion: Just Cavalli Fall Winter 2013/14 Womenswear Collection

Fashion: Just Cavalli Fall Winter 2013/14 Womenswear Collection,

Take a look Womenswear Collection by Roberto Cavalli that represent for the fall/winter 2013 that named Just Cavalli.

“I am very pleased with my design … my colors … and my ideas! My muse was a young woman who became part of my collection … From the moment I saw her walking along the river which passes through the city of Thimphu … the capital of Bhutan, a small country located at 3000 meters above sea level, at the slopes of the Himalayas … a country characterized by the richness of its traditions and images, which combine nature and religion… His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Queen, a young couple as delicate and charming as the lifestyle of this fascinating country invited me, giving me the opportunity to discover this country, the only one in the world to measure its richness according to the value of happiness … I could not return to my world without making an effort to convey the emotions I felt … I was awed by their purity and the beauty of their colors!” – Roberto Cavalli


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Models: Anabela Belikova, Carolina Thaler, Caroline Davis, Emma Oak, Georgia Hilmer, Georgia May Jagger, Irina Nikolaeva, Isabella Melo, Karlina Caune, Katia Selinger, Katlin Aas, Katya Riabinkina, Kayla Kuyler, Kayley Chabot, Kel Markey, Kremi Otashliyska, Lieve Dannau, Mackenzie Drazan, Marcele dal Cortivo, Maria Bradley, Marie Piovesan, Marine Deleeuw, Marine van Outryve, Marique Schimmel, Marta Dyks, Mengyao “Ming” Xi, Muriel Beal, Nastya Kusakina, Nastya Zhidkikh, Nikola Romanova, Patrycja Gardygajlo, Soo Joo, Steffi Soede, Valery Kaufman, Yulia Serzhantova